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eDrawings screenshot The above image is a screenshot of eDrawings Viewer, courtesy of Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation.
ZofzPCB 3D Gerber Viewer

ECAD/MCAD Collaboration - STEP file export

Premium feature.

ZofzPCB can be used as ECAD to MCAD collaboration tool.

3D model of an assembled PCB, created by ZofzPCB, can be saved as a STEP (ISO 10303) AP214 file and loaded into any mechanical CAD (MCAD). ZofzPCB provides two distinct features.

  1. You need to collect only STEP 3D models of the mechanically demanding parts, like specific connectors or switches. All other typical components will be created on the fly for you.
  2. Connecting virtually any electronic design software to any mechanical 3D CAD via Gerber-Set files or IPC-2581 file (ECAD→ZofzPCB) and STEP AP214 (ZofzPCB→MCAD).

Note that the models created by ZofzPCB are granted public domain license – use it as you like.

Applications / Use:

Download STEP File Examples

eDrawings Image
Download Zipped
eDrawings Image
Download Zipped
eDrawings Image
Download Zipped
eDrawings Image
Download Zipped
Demo1_full.step 804MB
Demo2_full.step 73MB
Demo2_nosilk.step 38MB
Demo3_full.step 190MBGamebuino.step 328MB
Hi-Res Picture Hi-Res Picture Hi-Res Picture Hi-Res Picture

How do I create a STEP file?

  1. Load gerber files to ZofzPCB
  2. Check the 3d view, adjust component models
  3. Hide components you want to substitute own models for
  4. Menu: Files / STEP Export
  5. File Explorer "Save As" dialog shows up.
  6. Select the export Mode:
    • Mechanical
      You can specify objects to export using dedicated checkboxes. In the case of multilayer PCB, all internal layers are merged into one core. (Or two cores, in case of blind vias.) The Mechanical Mode lets you export any combination of the external PCB layers and components. Object colors are preselected.
    • Export All
      The program will export everything in detail—even the metalization of drills and internal layers. Object colors are taken from the PCB colors setup.
    • As Main View
      As above, except layers and component selection is taken from the side panel.
  7. Choose STEP file path and press the STEP Export button.
STEP Save As Dialog Screenshot

Notes, Features, version 2.0

  1. ZofzPCB STEP export feature makes use of facilities provided by the Open CASCADE Technology software.
  2. STEP AP214 (AP214IS) - ISO 10303-21
  3. Component names are: "Value(RefID)" where Value is taken from BOM and RefID from IPC-356.
  4. Each component is separately constructed and placed, even if the model is repeated.

Licensing options:
Trial, 49€, 149 (Excl. VAT)


4.6 out of 5; based on 6 customer reviews

Hi-Res Image of Assembled PCI Card Model Hi-Res Image of Assembled SPI Programmer Board Model Hi-Res Image of Assembled Assembled ISA VGA Card Hi-Res Image of Assembled Arduino-based Game Console Model