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eDrawings screenshot Above image is a screenshot of eDrawings Viewer, courtesy of Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation.
ZofzPCB 3D Gerber Viewer

STEP file export

Premium feature.

ZofzPCB can be used as ECAD to MCAD collaboration tool.

3D model of an assembled PCB, created by ZofzPCB, can be saved as a STEP AP214 file and loaded into any MCAD. ZofzPCB provides two distinct features.

  1. You need to collect only STEP models of the mechanically demanding parts, like specific connectors or switches. All other typical components will be created on the fly for you.
  2. Connecting virtually any electronic design software to any mechanical 3D CAD via Gerber-Set files and STEP AP214.

Note that the models created by ZofzPCB are granted public domain license – use it as you like.

Applications / Use:

How do I create a STEP file?

  1. Load gerber files to ZofzPCB
  2. Adjust component models
  3. Hide components you want to substitute own models for
  4. Menu: Files / STEP Export
  5. Select directory, press Save As button
  6. Select what do you want to be exported (copper, silkscreen, components..)
  7. Press OK

Notes, Features, version 1.3.1

  1. ZofzPCB STEP export feature makes use of facilities provided by the Open CASCADE Technology software.
  2. STEP AP214 (AP214IS)
  3. Component models colors repeats internal model colors.
  4. PCB volume/solid use constant color. Other colors are taken from the stackup settings.
  5. Component names are: "Value(RefID)" where Value is taken from BOM and RefID from IPC356.
  6. Each component is separately constructed and placed, even if the model is repeated.
  7. The solder mask is not exported. This may change color of copper slightly. Probably the next version of OpenCascade will include the transparency attribute. It will be a good moment to include the solder mask export feature.

Licensing options:
Trial, 49€, 149